cleaning up the clutter

When clients look at my work, there is one thing I am constantly told- “Your design style is so clean!” There is no doubt about it, people prefer simplicity. No matter what medium your project requires, you have the Clean Guarantee!

website design without worry

Building a website design can be tedious, but I like to make it fun. Your website is your single most powerful way to reach the world! Catalogs, mail campaigns, and advertising all have their place. Only a website can be instantly accessed with the click of a mouse.

From start to finish, I have you covered. I handle the web design, the implementation, and I will even work with your tech team to make sure my technology is compatible with theirs.

brilliant blogs to blow away the competition

Want to spread the news about your company? These days, blogs are an incredibly fast and easy way to get the word out. Save all the time and energy required to plan a traditional press release and let the world know instantly through your blog.

Don’t be fooled by some of the crowded, cluttered, and ad-heavy blogs you’ve seen out there. Your blog design is 100% customizable so you can rest assured that your blog will look just as fresh and clean as your company website. It can even be integrated into the rest of your site to make navigating more user-friendly.

iPhone & iPad friendly websites

Mobile website design is a huge new market! If your website is running Flash, it isn’t going to load on the iPhone or the iPad, which millions of people are now using. Why risk losing a potential customer? I can create a version of your site that is specifically geared towards mobile devices, as well as tablets. Best of all, it can be customized to display one version of the site if a desktop user visits and a different version for handheld devices. This will ensure you never lose a customer due to the technology of your site!

social networking that’s a success

Reach a broader audience by integrating Facebook and Twitter right into your website design. Your status updates and tweets can update in real-time so your site will always be displaying fresh news. Customers can also subscribe or “Like” your updates.